Fake Vs. Real Plants For Office

Plants are increasingly popular in the contemporary working environment as they bring lots of benefits. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic value of your office space, they act as mood-boosters, improve productivity and help in curating a perfect workplace. Here we will address the concern on whether fake plants Sydney can bring the same décor effect to your office space as real plants.

Championing Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have several benefits over real plants. First, they do not require much maintenance, making them a potential cost-saving option. Additionally, they do not have to be placed in spaces with direct sunlight. So they can be used to bring life in office spaces where real plants cannot survive. With so much innovation in creating indoor plants, there are plenty of high-quality products to choose from.

You do not have to worry about artificial plants having that fake plasticky design. You only need to be creative in your selection and pick visually appealing artificial plants. With these pollen-free plants, you no longer have to worry about allergies or hay fever associated with real plants. Although artificial plants do not bring the same health benefits as real plants, their visual and psychological impact matches that of real ones.

Choose High-quality Faux

High-quality artificial plants can last for over five years, which means they only need replacement when you wish to improve your office décor. Fake plants are therefore a worthy investment especially if you care for them properly. Although purchasing high-quality artificial plants for your workplace is a little more expensive, they remain one of the perfect ways to brighten up your office space.

Maintain Faux Properly

Although artificial plants do not require watering, cleaning them regularly will make them a better investment and improve their lifespan. Proper maintenance of artificial plants makes them look realistic while reflecting professionalism in your workplace. Indoor artificial plants require dusting at least once a week, which can be easily achieved using a cheap soft-bristled paintbrush that won’t damage your plants. More ground-in dirt can be removed by using a damp cloth to wipe the plant. One precaution when cleaning artificial plants is avoiding chemical cleaning solutions which could potentially ruin their colours.

The Real Deal

Artificial plants have a positive impact on the workplace environment. But the visual and psychological benefits of real plants cannot be ignored. Real plants are healthy additions that greatly influence staff performance in the modern office. They boost mood and increase overall productivity. According to research studies, real plants oxidise the office space, reduce dust and improve air circulation. As such, they improve workers performance.

Great For Business

Both fake and real plants can make a significant impact in your office. A green workspace inspires creativity and productivity while yielding a stronger workforce. Adding a few plants in your office space gives life to your workspace thus creating a refreshing environment.